Young and Willing

                                           YOUNG AND WILLING
“Ohhh, your cock is so good, soooo big, Brad honey!”

“It loves your pussy, baby,” the big man panted, as he continued to run the bulbous head of his cock up and down the gooey lips of Sally Young’s eager pussy.

“Put it in, Brad! Slide it into me and fill my pussy with cock!”

Brad Harris eased his ass forward. “Lift your legs just a little higher,” he urged, holding the thick, blue-veined shaft of his prick firmly and shoving himself steadily forward between her splayed thighs.

He marveled, as he always did, at the tightness of her pussy. Her cunt, like the rest of her marvelous body and her beautiful face, was well preserved for a woman of forty. They had met at a cocktail party nearly six months before and hit it off immediately. Sally had just been divorced from her husband of fifteen years. She was childless and lonely. She had told him she didn’t want another marriage, but she didn’t want to live without sex, either.

They had gone right from the party to her apartment and had fucked the whole night away. Sally didn’t mind that he was married, with three children. In fact, she liked the idea; with Brad, there would be no emotional conflict. Just fun in bed, breakfast in the morning, and then on their own ways.

They became a regular thing every time Brad had business in town, which he made sure was at least once a week.

“Yes, there! Oh, shit, honey,” she cooed beneath him, “you’re all the way in me!”

“Good, baby?”

“Delicious. Fuck me now. Ream my pussy with your big cock, Brad!”

She tightened the muscles of her thighs which, in turn, molded the muscles of her cunt around his meat. Sally could almost feel the foreskin rolling back and forth over his cockhead as he started moving the big shaft in and out of her hot hole.

She bit her lip and sighed in the throes of sexual bliss as she raised her legs even higher and thrust her darkly matted pussy over his tool. She spread her thighs and dropped her feet until the heels nearly touched his shoulder blades.

Brad’s cockhead pushed even farther into her. Sally moaned and thrashed about as the rubbery head skidded off her cervix where it palpitated deep inside her pussy.

“Oh, God, Sal… you are good pussy!”

Sally wanted to tell him to just shut up and fuck. She also wanted to tell him that she was bored with his cock, and his style of using it. But she kept quiet. Brad was convenient. If he didn’t visit once a week she would have to go out and find another cock.

Instead, she said, “And your cock is wonderful, lover! Fuck me harder with it, faster! Make me come all over it!” She shoved her firm, well-rounded ass still higher. Her cunt sucked at his prick as she tried to maneuver more of the hard ridge over her aching clitoris.

Brad was panting. His mind was reeling with the intensity of her need. The mind is willing, he thought, but at my age, the flesh is just a little weak. He had never had a woman who liked cock as much as Sally; or one who demanded so much of it when he was with her.

He was determined so satisfy her. His pride wouldn’t allow him to leave her hanging.

All of his prick was in her now, and Sally clamped down on it hard with the tight, wet muscles of her pussy. “Higher, honey,” she cried, her head flailing back and forth on the pillow. “Get up a little higher so your cock runs across my clit!”

“Like that?”

“Yes, yes, like that! Ohhh shit, that’s it!”

“Hunch, baby… hunch me!”

“OH GOD… fuck me, fuck me… now… HARD!”

She was close, then closer, then she was there. Her clutching climax seared her fevered brain and her aching cunt to the point where nothing else mattered. “Oh… oh… in, in! Deep, deeper… deeper, Brad! FUUUUCCCCK!” She thrust her hips high and clamped around him hard as she rode herself to glory.

Brad willingly thrust what remained of his rigid cock into her slit, forcing her almost double. Plowing into her fast and furious now, he felt his cum-filled balls swell even more, then spill over.

Sally felt the first hot wad of cum jetting into her. A wave of disappointment washed over her. This frequently happened, the man coming in her so fast like that. She would only get to come once, and maybe a second time. If she didn’t suck his dick first before he put it in her.

For the last few weeks they had been together, Sally had found it more and more difficult to reach complete satisfaction. For that reason, she had entertained the thought of taking on other men when Brad wasn’t around. But the fear of complications always stopped her.

“Ooouuuu,” she whimpered, “you’re doing it to me… I can feel it in me! Ahhhhh!”

“You like it, baby?” Brad asked hoarsely, pumping and ramming into her as hard as he could.

“Yes, yes, I love it!” Sally answered truthfully, as she always did when he asked. “Hard. Harder! That’s it! Oh, Brad, you’re so big… I… I’m coming again… Arrgghhh!”

Ankles wrapped around his neck tightly, she bucked and thrust herself up at him as hard as she could. Already she could feel his hard prick dwindling. He had finished coming in her, and she was afraid that she wouldn’t finish before he was unable to continue. Frantically she thrashed and clutched at him, her climax shattering her again.

Sally finished, but in the absence of a good hard cock to fuck, Brad’s having dwindled to semi-hardness, she didn’t feel completely fulfilled. Desperation showing on her face, she let his cock slip out, then twisted around on the bed and, ignoring the taste of her own cunt, sucked noisily on his prick.

The taste of their mingled cum was good. Cupping his limp balls in the palm of her hand, she increased her efforts.

“Jesus, honey, you want more right away?”

“Only if you can, lover,” Sally answered, knowing that the combination of a dart at his pride and her mouth on his cock would soon take effect.

It did. In a matter of minutes, his prick was again hard enough to enter her body, “Let me fuck you from behind this time.”

“Yes… yes, that’s good, baby,” Sally hissed, her own passion again at the boiling point.

She lifted her sperm-flecked lips from the head of his engorged cock and rolled over onto her belly. She spread her legs wide and used her hands, from behind, to pry the cheeks of her ass apart. She knew the clear view of her pink cuntlips, yawning invitingly open, would give even greater rise to his prick.

“Put it back in me,” she urged. “It’ll get all the way hard again when it hits my pussy heat!”

She glanced over her shoulder, vaguely watching as Brad got in position behind her. Then the head of his dick was grazing against the well-oiled, pulsating lips of her pussy again. Then Sally looked down between her legs. His huge balls, filling with cum again, swung lazily as he moved his knees from one side to the other. He was gripping his cock firmly, and after moving his knees closer to hers, she felt him lurch forward. His prick slipped into her easily. The head buried itself completely in her on the first lunge. She heard him grunt with satisfaction, then felt him begin to pump back and forth in her hungry pussy.

“OHHHHH COCK,” she moaned into the pillow. “Cock in Sally’s pussy!”

Her cunt muscles were clutching and grabbing at his dick fiercely. Brad could feel her clit growing steadily more erect, indicating how close she was to another come. Reaching down, he began to finger her clit in rhythm to his thrusts. She cried out, pushing herself back against him hard, her cunt tightening like a vise.

“Ohhhhh,” she cried out, “I… I… I’m going to… arrgghhhhh!”

Driving himself into her frantically, Brad felt his cum building steadily. The harder he thrust the more she groaned.

Damn, he thought, she does love it; the more she gets, the more she wants!

Fighting to pull his dick from her tensed pussy now, he settled for a series of short, close jabs. Sally, begging him for more cock, slammed herself back onto his dick with savage intensity.

As her climax built, she started to tremble all over. Brad, perspiration beading on his forehead, could no longer control his own come. As he quickened his pace, Sally felt the head enlarge in her belly, and knew he was about to shoot again.

Shit, she thought, not yet. She wanted at least one more good come before he was finished.

But the cock was relentless. It throbbed harder and harder against her cuntal walls and she knew there would be no holding back. Forcing her supple muscles to caress and milk his prick, she waited for his spewing jism to again fill her up.

It wasn’t a long wait.

“Damn, baby,” Brad shuddered at last, “you got a great pussy!”

His cum jetted into her hot cunt. He settled into a series of short, quick, almost painful jabs. Each one ended with a wad of cream being gushed deep into her belly.

“I can feel it… I can feel your stuff going into me!” she whimpered sensuously. “More, more… give me all of it!”

The sound of her voice acted as a catalyst. Thinking his climax was almost at an end, Brad found renewed strength and began pounding and shoving himself into her all over again.

“I’m gonna make it, I’m gonna make it!” Sally shrieked in ecstasy.

“Come, baby… COME!”

“Yes, yes… YESSSSS!”

Her voice was a siren of released passion as her cunt spewed out its honeyed juices. It flowed in steady lines down her inner thighs and gushed outward around his cock to bathe in balls in its stickiness.

At last, with a groan of total defeat, Brad rolled to the far side of the bed. In seconds he was asleep.

Sally wasn’t so lucky. She lay, unable to sleep, staring wide-eyed at the ceiling. Her body felt good, but still not totally fulfilled.

“What’s wrong with me,” she whispered aloud. “I’ve just gotten enough fucking to take care of any normal woman, and I’ve still got an itch! I just can’t be normal!”

She felt Brad’s cum oozing from her lower lips. When she slid from the bed it spewed out of her pussy and trickled down her inner thighs clear to her knees.

“Jesus,” she whispered aloud again, and streaked for the bathroom.

She wiped herself clean. In the reflection from the mirror behind the bathroom door she studied her gaping pussy and marveled that it didn’t look any different from any other pussy.

She bent over and examined her dripping cunt directly she fingered the pink inner flesh and combed her fingers through the dark mat of her thick pubic fur.

“Silly,” she smirked at herself, “a mature, grown woman who has just been beautifully laid, standing in the john playing with her own pussy!”

But she couldn’t help it. As her fingertips traced the puffy wetness of her cuntlips, she felt renewed excitement surge through her body. She leaned back against the shower door and imagined a young, sturdy cock in her, a cock that never went soft, one that could fuck and fuck and come and come, until she would be completely satiated.

She let her fingers float down to her asshole and then back up to touch and massage her blood-filled clit. It wasn’t as good nor as exciting as a big, hard cock, but it was still stimulating.

As she dipped two fingers deep into her cunt, she allowed her desires and feelings to seep through. Soon she was breathing hard and she knew she wouldn’t be able to stop finger-fucking herself until she came again.

Finding her clit and flicking the tip of her finger back and forth over it, she soon had her cunt stoked with hot fires. Leaning against the shower door, oblivious to everything except the sensations she was setting off in her pussy, she allowed her fingers to move faster and faster. She found it hard to believe that she could again reach a climax so quickly after what Brad had done to her.

“Oh shit,” she moaned and chanted, “come, come, come, COME!”

Faster and faster she moved her fingers, and suddenly she felt the blinding explosions bursting inside her head. Eyes tightly shut, breathing labored, she almost fell to the floor. She grabbed the seat of the john with her free hand to stabilize herself.

Then it was over, and for a moment Sally was sure she must be depraved. Breathing hard, she again cleaned herself. While she had been fingering herself, more of Brad’s cum had seeped out of her hole.

Now to bed, she told herself; enough is enough.

She returned to the bedroom, drew a nightie over her naked body, and slipped into bed beside Brad. He moaned in his sleep and flopped an arm over her breasts.

“You okay, baby?” he mumbled.

“Yes, honey, I’m fine,” she replied, and, in her mind, added, “now"


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